Backup for Higher Energy Users
Backup XW+ Packages for Medium to High Energy Users

For the family home, wanting to save money and backup most of the house, or a small business that can't afford the lights to go out and critical equipment turn off?

360Storage Backup Solutions based on Schneider Electric’s Conext XW+ Inverter Charger feature unparalleled flexibility and scalability. Our packages are ideal for grid connected self-consumption, off-grid and backup applications for moderate to high energy use. Whether your application is for single or 3-phase, grid connect or off-grid, residential or commercial, we’ll have a Back-up Solution for you.
The Conext XW+ prioritises the use of your solar energy over the grid, delivers your stored energy when you need it and supports the grid when energy supply is an issue.  It can be set to zero export, connected to a diesel generator and scaled to meet your needs.

Install a Backup XW+ System

  • Ideal for medium to high energy users (15 – 40kWh per day)
  • Retrofit or new residential & commercial installations
  • Supply and back-up capacities of 5.5kW or 6.8kW’s
  • Usable energy storage options of 10kWh, 15kWh, 20kWh or 30kWh
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