LED Lights

The Environmental Lighting Solution for Now and the Future

As more and more home owners and businesses look for various ways to reduce their energy bills, lighting plays an important part of everyday life.

One of the most common light fittings installed in homes today is the humble down-light with a compact fluorescent lamp. If you have some of these do you find yourself waiting a minute or two for it to get bright enough?

Some of the benefits of LED Lighting include:

  • Easy change over for 240 volt down lights  (In most instances it’s just  a simple globe change)
  • Low energy use (a 5watt LED MR16 will replace a 50watt Halogen Dichroic)
  • Long life (LED 4ft tubes can last up to 6 times longer than a fluorescent equivalent)
  • No toxic materials (mercury free, unlike most fluorescents)
  • Environmentally friendly (Most LED lamps do not produce UV light, this also reduces the attraction for bugs)
  • High light output (equally or exceeding the fluorescent/halogen/incandescent replacements)
  • Majority of lights are dimmable
  • Easy retrofit for existing lighting (requiring little to no modifications to existing lights)
  • Many choices to suit most applications (with a broad range including products such as high bays, CFL replacements, fluorescent tube replacements, MR16’s, ES & BC fittings, downlights and flood lights there’s something for everyone)
  • Lighting is an excellent  way to instantly reduce power consumption by simply changing to more energy  efficient globes. It can also be instantly qualified by comparing wattages of  the globes.
  • For an example – A 9watt  LED globe has a similar light output to a 18watt cfl which is equivalent to a 75watt incandescent globe. The maths is simple.
  • When walking around the home add up all the wattages of each globe,
    • Say there was 10 x  75watt incandescent globes and 10 x 50watt Dichroic globes = 1250watts
    • If those globes were on  for an average of 3 hours per day that equals 3.75 kilowatt hours/day @ 21  cents per kilowatt hour (kWh) = $.79c  per day in electricity costs or  $288.35 per year.
    • If you were to replace  those 10 x 75watt with 10 x 9watt LED globes you could save $255.50 per year just on 10 globes not to mention that the LED globes last up  to 30 times longer than an incandescent globe!!
    • LED’s have a long life cycle, approx 8 times  longer than compact fluorescents (cfl’s) and up to 30 times longer than the  traditional incandescent globe.
    • Most LED’s emit no UV radiation. Insects are  attracted to UV radiation hence LED’s are less visible to insects than other  types of lighting.
    • LED’s have an instant strike and have no warm up  period so you have light when you want it.
    • LED’s are designed to fit most existing light  fittings for an easy retrofit.
    • The LED lighting range  gives you flexibility to either replace existing light globes or you can opt  for a whole new light fitting.
    • It is always recommended  to engage an electrician if any electrical wiring work is to be done.

LED Lighting can show real energy savings of between 60 – 85% over conventional fluorescent and halogen lighting systems.  LED Lighting offers extremely long life (up to 50,000 hours) and reduced maintenance costs.