There are many reasons to go solar in 2018… here are just some of them!

  • Reduced setup and installation costs

It is getting more affordable by the day to install solar in your home!  Advances in manufacturing technologies help reduce the production costs, and these savings can be passed on to you when you install a solar power system.

  • Harness the free energy of our sun!

In the past decade alone, the cost of energy to Australian Consumers has risen to be one of the highest in the world.  Installing solar systems will help decrease your household energy costs, and will pay for itself over time!

  • Government Incentives

Several states are offering programs and rebates to assist the everyday Australian to install renewable energy in their homes. Check out your state governments energy incentives today!

  • Feed-in Tariffs

Energy companies will compensate you for any excess power your system creates and feeds back into the grid in the form of a feed-in tariff.  Some state governments such as Victoria are even boosting these tariffs to help encourage the installation of renewable energy in Australian homes.