Household photovoltaic energy storage system (ESS) is a new kind of power solution

Storion Series



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  • Maximise PV self-consumption
  • UPS function in case of grid outage
  • load shifting
  • power shaving/Demand charge management
  • Load management/Demand response


  • German design
  • German quality standard
  • 5 years product warranty
  • 10 years battery performance warranty


  • Compatible for both new installation and retrofit systems (both AC/DC coupling)
  • Modular battery design for easy extension
  • Independent BMS in each battery module for flexible operation


  • Lithium Iron phosphate, the safest chemistry among all lithium battery types
  • Premium power battery cells provided by world’s top 5 manufacturers
  • BMS design: 3 levels of software protection + 2 levels of redundant hardware protection
  • EMS design: Extra protections implemented in the system integration
  • Online real time monitoring and professional technical support from AlphaESS
Power Plug
M4850 (50Ah) and M4860 (60Ah)

Power Plug

  • Compatible Communication: interface supports both RS485/CAN
  • Advanced BMS design to ensure safety and efficiency
  • Automatic protection and maintenance
  • Premium battery cells LiFePO4


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Alpha Cloud
Maximise your profit!

Alpha Cloud

Maximise your profit!

  • 24-hour monitoring system via user-friendly interface to show real-time profit
  • Remote setting control according to electricity cost to maximize profit

Free you from any worries!

  • Quick response to any problems through remote trouble diagnosis
  • Early warnings of possible abnormality happened to system
  • Professional technical support from Alpha engineers

Free access to future updates!

  • Easy updating by using standard USB flash or online update
  • Future access to Energy Internet available


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