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We are solar and battery energy experts
We design, install, and maintain affordable solar systems for residential and commercial premises.


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We research test and stay ahead of the competition to offer our customers the latest technology in market ranging from most efficient solar panels, highest capacity lithium batteries, highest lumens LED’s, most accurate energy monitoring, and much more


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High-quality products
Quality installs with inhouse auditing
Fantastic customer care
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Get answers to your commonly asked questions like:

  • How will solar energy power your life?
  • How much money can you save by moving to clean energy?
  • Cost comparison with other methods.
  • What is the installation process?
  • Which solar panel system is right for me?

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What Our Customers Say About us

  • “We are delighted with the job Energy Option did for Logan Uniting Church. From the time we first contacted Energy Options, until the day they switched our new 20kW system on, they were helpful and just as excited about the installation as we were. Logan Uniting Church did significant due diligence on cost and the actual components of the system – from a variety of potential suppliers – and we eventually selected them based on their competitive price, the quality of their solar panels, inverters and the workmanship they supplied. I would be recommend Energy Options to anyone looking at investing in a solar energy solution.” Tim Bennett, Pastor
    Going great
  • "Everything went great yesterday with the installation, Craig and his team are great. James the owner of Energy Options dropped in on his way back up the Coast and it was so nice to meet him. If I had any doubts about spending so much money, talking to James yesterday put my mind at ease. He is a really genuine guy who really believes and is excited about the product. I am not saying that you weren’t genuine, you were and also there if I needed to ask anything. I know I will still have contact with you but I would like to say thank you for everything and put in the biggest compliment for Craig, his team and James." Sue, Aspley QLD
    EnergyOptions team. You’ve done it again!
  • “I just want to say I was very impressed with the professionalism of the installation team of our solar system. Andrew and his other team member whose name unfortunately I have forgotten were very helpful in explaining exactly what they were doing and why. The job was finished off very nicely. Even my brother, who is an electrical engineer was impressed with their quality of wiring etc.” Anthony F. — Beechmere, Queensland
    Very Impressed
  • “Just thought I would let you know we are over the moon at the results. It feels amazing to be less reliant on the the power providers. We use as much power in the daytime as we can – then reduce our load at night-time. Our power bill is more than 50% less than previous” 4.5kW solar electric array installed
    Surprised at the Result
  • “We have nothing but praise for the entire EnergyOptions staff that worked with us; from James and Laura, Ian who worked on site evaluation and Cary who oversaw our installation and service. We are a completely electric house; heat, hot water, all appliances… Thanks to the solar, we got down to less than $500 to run our house for the year!” Robert
    10 out of 10

Our Partners

Energy Options is Pure Power Solar Installer of Diamond Energy enabling you to get competitive rates, great service and high feed in tariff offers of up to 20c per kWh* We look after you long after the installation is complete! *terms & conditions apply

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